A very good example of how technical comedy is, is “beating the car”…everybody thinks its hilarious and it is very funny, but the first time I did it it wasnʼt funny at all, because I was using a stick or a branch that was too rigid and as I hit it with this rigid branch it just wasnʼt funny and then I went out and started hitting it with a floppier branch and that wasnʼt funny so I went out and thought well, its something in the middle, so I went out and got another one […] and suddenly it was hilarious. Itʼs very nice that when I run out of the shot from that point of view thereʼs an element of surprise simply because we donʼt know why Iʼve run off […] Itʼs not just that an idea is funny itʼs that an idea done exactly right is funny.

– John Cleese (BBC, 2009)

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