In April 2013 we sent an earnest email to The Art Guys asking if we might visit them during our time in the US.

artguys car horn concerto

They have been very obfuscating, and we thought our email correspondence might be worth sharing.

The Art Guys have been making playful, performative, literal and downright funny work for the last 30 years. They are very prolific. Some examples of their antics include illegally landscaping art museum grounds, body-building in the lead up to major exhibitions, and marrying an oak tree. Here’s a great article about their work. We admire the fearless and self-assured spirit of their practice and also that a lot of their work transpires outside the studio (and often outside of an art context altogether).

As a way to cultivate this fearlessness in our own practice and inspired by the classes we’ve been taking at Second City, we’ve challenged ourselves to make a work for each other everyday for the next two months. We will be posting results weekly.

Anyway, we leave for the Art Guys’ home town of Houston in March. Here is a premonition of us teleporting to their studio driveway:

email image 5


Went to the hairdresser today.

before and after

On the subject of portraits: we’re doing a bit of research on all the comedy shows around Chicago of which there are A LOT. And because we know nothing about the majority of acts we are largely relying on their promotional images and blurbs – which all seem to be pretty much identical to each other. Here’s some images of comedy duos from google:

The comedy duo now hold almost 20 percent of the drive-time audience.bad_1  bad_3bad_4

Went to see a bad sketch show tonight.. hoping the next few weeks with help us to corner our interests in the scene here. In the mean time we thought we’d throw in a ‘Catherine or Kate’ comedy headshot for your non-consideration.